Rotary Club of Como meetings are held at the Royal Perth Golf Club, Labouchere Road, South Perth.

Meetings are nearly always held on Monday Evenings from 18.30 to 20:00

An evening meal is served at a cost of $30.

Visiting Rotarians are always welcome, but if you are new to Rotary and would like to attend a meeting, please contact us so that you can be met at the door before introducing you to our members.

Most private Golf clubs have a code of dress when using the club’s facilities – the dress code of the Royal Perth Golf Club can be viewed below and we ask all our members and guests to recognise this.

Please advise attendance to meetings before 12 noon on the day of the meeting. Click here for contact details.


The Golf Club ask all their members and visitors to abide by the minimum dress standards, therefore it is the responsibility of Como Rotary Club members to ensure that our members and guests are aware of dress regulations and abide by them.

The following items are not permitted at Royal Perth Golf Club except for short term visits

  • Denim jeans/trousers, denim shorts/skirts, denim shirts, denim coats or denim jackets.
  • Tracksuits.
  • Cargo style shorts or trousers.
  • Any shirt with bold advertising, logos or bold screen printing.
  • Runners, tennis shoes, shoes without socks.
  • Shirts worn outside of trousers.

The following items are not permitted at Royal Perth Golf Club at any time

  • Thongs, sandals (ok for women)
  • Singlets, surf shirts and board shorts.

Short Term Visits to the Club

Members wishing to access the Office, Pro-shop, Locker Rooms, or Buggy sheds for a short period of time (ie 5 to 10 minutes) are not required to strictly follow the dress code as detailed above.

When exercising these privileges members are urged to have particular regard to the status and dignity of the club